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Group Name luck,a car body
DescriptionChina In News York with embassies,and embassy are the national territory,if you dare to break into CIA guts,and forcible invasion of Chinese territory is a nature.Wow gold is estimated.CIA's courage and then large,probably did not dare to do so.As for his own an excus<a href=""><strong> moncler jacket on sales </strong></a> e to take refuge inside the embassy,??people will not back yourself into,it is not considered temporary,and so rushed to talk about it later!
Sensitivity are not familiar with the terrain of New York,even the Chinese Embassy to open the door to the side do not know,let alone drive jump drive over.
He promised glory while driving on the urgent voice said:"Xu elders,guiding you to help me."
Xu glory rolled his eyes,with a pained face and said:"This......I am not very clear."
Sensitive big frown.
Side of the wow gold sneer aloud,said:"do not know?Not!If many elders do not want to say,it does not matter,big deal with everyone dead,just now,the fate of your brother who the driver,you should see very clearly!"
Xu glory body was shaking a bit,his harsh glare of a wow gold one,reluctantly looked to the road ahead,said:"in front of the junction turn left."
More to the city to go,the more vehicles on the road,sensitive technology is good,this time is difficult to play at full speed.Seeing the number of cars behind the rampage,continues to pull closer,but the tension is sensitive to anxiety,forehead full of sweat dripping <a href=""><strong> north face jackets clearance </strong></a>down drip,she condensate channel:"How far from the Embassy?"
"Straight ahead,but had to jump through nine blocks..."
His voice has hardly ever,just listen and snapped,a car's rear window more round hole,then obviously it is great to wear a bullet.
Sensitive startled mind,quickly look up mirror,I saw a car behind the one stuck at the window,was holding a pistol with a silencer,is to keep one's own car fire.
Damn!Turn round the wow gold hearts curse loudly,cia too timid killer music,broad daylight,on the street dare unscrupulous shot!He Fu Xiashen and said:"Mandy,plus quick speed,the throw off the enemy!"
Sensitive'd like to speed up,just too many vehicles around,she does not want them fast too fast.
At this time,the car line to an intersection near the worse,just in time for the red light.
Sensitive teeth,a bite,Xinyi Heng.Directly stepping on the accelerator,dash past.
Look around zips vehicles.Xu glory scared pale,speechless scream.
They crossed the intersection directly behind<a href=""><strong> fashion clothing </strong></a> the pursuers did not stop,keep up,but they did not wow gold,four such good luck,a car body are large trucks clashed,the impact is too large,the entire body is the sky,hit the air a few flip somersault,a roar,overturned fell to the ground,shed a series of clashes with
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