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Group Nameeverybody was on that
DescriptionMars suet street children,sliding sideways out of tens of meters away.
Wow gold see clearly,I thought it was an accident,but it soon proved that it is deliberate and is.
Article XI,chapters<a href=""><strong> Ed Hardy Clothing </strong></a>
(104)truck parked at the crossroads of Central,and the car door open at a time,which jumped from five black people,all with a black head mask,leaving only the two flashing eyes and coldness in their hands,uniform charge to take a five mini-qiang.After these people out of the car,lined up,Alignment wow gold,then kill a few more cars in a row of fire.
Continuous and intensive qiang sound from one,five qiang cylinder,while the flame jet out of death,ejection of empty shell casings flying out,scattered on the ground.Look at it a few more cars,straight beaten scarred,disorder of the stop in the road,the trickle into a stream of blood dripping out of the gap along the door.
Until all the bullets will qiang red lighting,the five talents came to an end count,followed by five Qixiang Gang was knocked the bike car around,there have been several killer injuries,knocked dizzy,beaten,sounded the blood,through the broken windows,are struggling to crawl out,five black people have pulled out from the waist hand qian<a href=""><strong> UGG Boots Sale UK </strong></a> g,come near,aim to climb out of the killer's head,cold open qiang shooting.
"Bang,bang,bang!"With several more short qiang ring,then a few killer head shot,all died.
This street qiang war,but also in the downtown area,even in the popularity of the United States armed qiang not often happen,around the vehicle where the people have been scared silly,stunned to see happening in front.
Get rid of the lure the killer to kill wow gold,the five discarded truck,put qiang run,rushed into a small hu not far from the same,the blink of an eye will disappear without it anyway.
Wow gold,although not read all,but five people frantically to his pursuers behind him,but to open fire qiang saw,wow gold breath,illegal channels sound strange,do not know who the five masked men in black what is the identity Why to help themselves,but to kill the tablets Street qiang CID agents,its origin is certainly not simple.
"East Cape,which is what people ah?"Drive sensitive eyebrows furrowed,puzzled and asked.<a href=""><strong> North Face Jackets </strong></a>
Wow gold smile,said:"God knows."
"How?"Xu glory surprised and said:" not the person you have arranged?"
"Not."Wow gold answer was simply.
While everybody was on that five masked men in black curious about the identity of the time wow gold cell phone suddenly rang.He took out his cell phone,looked down calls to provoke mouth,long and laugh,now,he basically knew the identity of the five.Phone call is not others,it is the head of the
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