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Group Nameback, bow and said
Descriptioneople's mood, Liu Mei child insisted on the dark umbrella, will deliver a taxi Wang Siyu, Santana looked steadily in to the principal road, away from sight of addition, it turned, and looked up to the gray sky looked, murmured: "God bless ..."
Half previous eight, Wang Siyu obtain the fly to the finances of China Southern Airlines <a href="">diesel jeans bootcut</a>
aircraft, because of bad weather, rainfall more challenging and harder, the oxygen is pretty reduced visibility, the jet is through the clouds in pretty serious bumps, the passenger cabin are only a little anxious , looked at clouds from time to time throughout the lightning, with one another with numerous individuals are secretly regret it, should unquestionably not consider the flight, Wang Siyu sat near to the window last night, a evening without the need of a break, allow him really feel a tad tired, eye balls out the window, the range The sky, the among the superb fiery serpent through the proceed to the dance, and he sighed, steadily near your eyes.
40 minutes, the plane eventually through thunderstorms, the plan started to steady up, the crowd's center comfortably steadily stable, two unfilled beverage Sao pushing a auto arrived and started to provide catering companies for visit<a href="">buy diesel jeans</a>
ors, Wang Siyu a cup of Coke, he punched a nap concerning the seat, pursuing 4 with one another with a half hour flight, the plane eventually landed safely, Wang Siyu his feet, implemented by flow steadily and went out.
Excellent weather, the finances side, the sunshine is shining, not out concerning the pick-up mouth, Wang Siyu quickly saw through the crowd Zhang shadows of tall, she wore a dark dress, his cope with is not really a Prostitute, milky bright pores and skin through a wholesome color, a glossy dark curly hair draped much more than his shoulders, leaving her within of a dark and small, is smiling viewing the steadily approaching Wang Siyu, gentle and feminine eye, the flicker of switching waves.
Quietly staring, affectionate embrace, a extended time, two people steadily divided out Qianxiansushou Zhang shadows, lightly Wang Siyu compiled below the collar, goes Qiaolian related to his chest, softly: "Xiaoyu, how come about this sort of the hurry? noticed that bad environment much more than there, I am pretty worried."
Wang Siyu took her in his arms, lightly patted her back, bow and said: "Nothing, relaxation assured, will by no shows be something."
Zhang shadows smiled, raised his mind and wh<a href="">Cheap Moncler Jackets</a>
ispered: "Xiaoyu, you have not noticed previous to through the finances have relatives ah?"
Wang Siyu holds her jaw, tv drama quietly appreciate the charming face, and whispered: "a distant relative, may be for just about any amount of many years without the need of moving, and also this time he was severely ill elderly people at home, should unquestionably go and see."
"Ah!" Zhang shadows nodded gently, she saw Wang Siyu haggard, bloodshot eyes, a tired concerning the color, we guess he do not relaxation nicely last night, even although

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