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Group NameMao behind, out concerning
Descriptiondistressed, busy pulling Wang Siyu's arm, softly: "Xiaoyu, earliest go back again and rest, go to the hospital to retain an great spirit."
Wang Siyu smiled, turned, sunshine Mao away from bucks within of a timely method through the side, earliest smile, nod to Zhang shadows, then stretched out a tremendous hand, shook the hand of Wang Siyu, difficult to shake three times, Chen Shen<a href="">Monster headphones</a>
g said: "Yu-less, welcome back."
Wang Siyu smiled, took a activity previous to Chang shadows concerning the hands, whispered: "Uncle money, that is my partner Zhang shadows, through the Qingzhou Municipal Propaganda Department, now dance training through the North."
Zhang shadows attempting to locate a red, splendid in Wang Siyu lightly pinched waist, she looked curiously sunshine Mao fiscal one, I just really feel that more mature grace, brow complete of majesty, certainly not an unusual character, but he's acknowledged as on Wang Siyu Some strange, Xiaoyu and especially where it belonged youthful master.
Sun Mao Wang Siyu hearing to the intro of fiscal, cope with brilliant smile, nodded and said: "The small lady is good."
Zhang shadows of no time to think, swiftly waved, some incoherent authentic: "Uncle money, you do not listen to his nonsense, we are not however listed ... ... ... ... ah ... this shows ... we are just splendid friends."
Sun Mao fiscal knowing smile and whispered: "Yu-less shadow lady, we should unquestionably earliest get on."
Zhang shadows hearing to these words, just calm down, Gouzhuo Wang Siyu's arm, his cope with flushed getting a touch of blooming, mind leans Wang Siyu's ear, whispered: "Xiaoyu, pursuing not permitted to communicate nonsense."
Wang Siyu smiled, turned near to and said: "I mentioned is true, as extended when you like, we will often possess the ability to register to you, I can quit everything."
Zhang shadows leaned son, <a href="">jackets sale</a>
quietly NIE him, Mouguang flow in between species can not inform an ideal offer concerning the charm, see Wang Siyu research sincere look, her center can not help but perception of loss, faint sigh, nestled through the Wang Siyu's plan following two fiscal steadily using the sunshine Mao behind, out concerning the terminal lobby, to the outside, concerning the Audi car, the auto left the airport smoothly.
Outside the car, two rows of lush ginkgo tree swiftly flashed, sunshine Mao fiscal quietly sitting placement concerning the co-pilot, believed a extended even although previous to we turn around, viewing Wang Siyu surface area expression, gingerly asked: "Yu-less, through the evening and go to the hospital to quest to an ideal offer of people, complete time may be arranged, and only have time pursuing 7 o'clock at night, or we go residence and relax? "
Wang Siyu deadpan waved his hand, steadily near your eyesight and whispered: "looking for just about any guest<a href="">Dior Sunglasses</a>
house stay right, do not trouble."
Sun Mao wealth can not help displaying a trace of disappointment in his eyes, the color, but fleeting, he even now smiled and nodded, thinking about only a little one, he softly said: "That courtyard to reside it, the finances features of citizenship."
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